Lopey’s Mini Crane Service dedicates their efforts to helping general contractors lighten the load of their labor tasks. Our clients in Honolulu, Oahu, HI are now appreciating the benefits of utilizing our premium quality mini cranes for their construction projects. Read their testimonials here:

“I definitely would recommend using Lopey's Crane Service. Not only did we get professional services but we saved about $800 compared to the other guys.”

- Mike, Foreman for Complete Construction INC.

“Lopey’s Crane Service has helped our home building business immensely. Every one of our recent jobs has had an area where a conventional boom truck just can’t reach. The mini crane can place itself right where the lift is, deploy quickly, and move on to the next lift. It allows us to set beams efficiently and safely. It saves wear and tear on our carpenters and keeps our jobs going smoothly.”

- Brian Schatz, Owner of Brian Schatz Construction